The 2 MAJOR Reasons For Pakistan’s Troubles 2


This sad boy is me. Well, not really. But his expression captures my WTF state of mind when I look at everyday people, doing everyday things in Pakistan.


Alright. I’ll admit, the title reeks of brazen arrogance – like I would have the answers for ALL of Pakistan’s troubles?

But bear with me, and you will see that though this rant is not about two oversimplified governing factors for all of Pakistan’s ailments, it still is an insight, that most of you would agree, permeates through each and every walk of life in this land of the pure.


The two major reasons?


  1. The people selling stuff or offering services, do not have an inkling of how to deal with people.
  2. The people buying stuff or getting served, do not have an inkling of how they should be treated.


Now. Pause. And think for a moment, if these two highly honorable traits were to exist simultaneously, what would you get? You would get Pakistan my good friend. In the end, all socio-economic processes, and all human endeavors in a modern society, revolve around the dynamics of selling and buying, and serving or being served. And if these two attributes were to ubiquitously exist among all such interactions, you can see how a giant shit storm would perpetuate to become an even larger shit storm.

To make this hit home, and make you realize just how big of a problem this really is, let me share two personal experiences that probably everyone can relate to in one way or another.


The Chaman Ice Cream Fiasco



We go in. We sit down. There are a couple of waiters around. No one serves us. We call upon a few, the ones who are free, just standing around – they have no interest to attend to us. They were freaking just standing around, until forced by higher management; management that did not care about it either. Why should they? They have a booming business – powered by people who come there to be treated like crap. I need not blabber on about how far reaching the effects of such basic dynamics are.


The EP Concert That Killed Self-Esteem




The concert did not start on time. Well that happens, often, and is kind of forgivable. But what happened next, was not.

When the crowd started to voice their discontent regarding the delay, Ahmad Butt, one of the band members, very seriously asked the audience to “f%^& off” if they could not wait on their a$% anymore”. The crowd went quiet. While what they should have done, was walk out.


This entire scenario is a perpetual degradation machine which consistently constructs new lows of the overall social and economic dynamics of Pakistan –  there is no hope except a new, clean install. This operating system has far too many bugs.


“Not ignorance, but the ignorance of ignorance is the death of knowledge” –  Alfred North Whitehead

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