About BlisFix



BlisFix is happiness for any individual or business looking for a beautiful cost effective cloud solution to take their services online.

It is a passionately designed one-stop-shop product offering the following through a single web management portal:

  1. A Customizable Website:  Your own online presence. With your listed services and branding :)
  2. An Online Appointment System: An easy booking/appointment solution integrated into your website for your customers.
  3. An SMS Notification System: Customizable SMS notifications. Let your customers know of new deals, booking confirmations etc. Let your employees know of their assignments.
  4. A Scheduling System: With a super easy calendar based scheduler, easily move your appointments around, assign different resources, and manage customers.
  5. And much more !  Lots of fun stuff under the hood :)

From stay at home moms starting a business, to doctors and small businesses, we at BlisFix want to build something beautifully tailored to your needs, at a very affordable price !

Visit Our Website To Sign Up For a Free Trial :)